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I’m an owner operated company that prides itself on workmanship. I’m an actual roofing contractor, and not a roof broker. Essentially meaning that I install my own roofs, and do not hire various sub-contractors to install my roofs. Some companies actually use the same sub-contractor performing roofing work between 4, and 5 different roofing companies. So as a consumer your never sure what kind of roof your going to have installed on any given day. Some contractors even use a many as 15 different sub-contractors at once. These subs cycle through different help on a daily basis, so the total experience of the crew is minimal at best. I’ve been roofing on the front range since 1986, and I treat every home as if it were my own. The quality, and competency in the roofing industry has suffered dramatically. I’m trying to change this one roof at a time, I always stand behind my word when roofing a home. Mission statement: It is our goal at Schultz Roofing to provide a positive customer experience, in addition to installing a superior roof. My expertise, and quality consciousness will always be beneficial to my clientele.

Specialized in all types of roofs. Asphalt, shakes, tile, metal, single-ply membranes, roof repairs, insurance work.

Are you in need of a reliable roofing contractor to help you with some sort of repair for your roof? If so, then you need to give us a call. Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC. has been in business since 1986, and we provide our services to residents in Loveland CO and the surrounding areas. The roof of a home is the most important part in the structure, protecting it from leaks and the formation of mold. Every property owner needs to make sure that their roofing system is secure and that there are no existing leaks. If you are in need of some sort of roof repair, contact us immediately. Our company is licensed and insured, and the prices that we offer are affordable. Since we established our business, we have helped many people in the area maintain their roofs in good shape.

Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC.
Address: 3864 Ash Ave. Loveland CO 80538
Phone: (970) 672-9604
Additional phone: (970) 286-3014

roofing repair serviceSchultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC. has the experience and skills needed to handle any type of roof replacement. Over the years, we have executed replacements of roofs such as metal, tile, flat roofs, shingles, wood shakes, shake shingles, and asphalt shingle roofs. No matter what material your roof is made of, our services are sure to fit your needs. Our experience allows us to work in a timely manner and quickly execute efficient inspections. Our estimates are free, so contact us if you think you need a roofing repair service. So far, our Loveland CO company has not had a single dissatisfied client. We work carefully and will make sure that you are provided with a detailed roofing repair. Give us a call soon and join our long list of customers.

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I called Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC to locate a leak that gave me problems with. I received a great service and was surprised to find out that the

Nov 27, 2013 by Andy K.

I called Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC to locate a leak that gave me problems with. I received a great service and was surprised to find out that the estimate for the job was free of ...
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You can contact us by calling (970) 672-9604.

Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC. | 3864 Ash Ave. Loveland, CO 80538
For more information, call (970) 672-9604